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GoalJet Aviation Ltd. was founded in 2001 aiming to perform charterflights, mainly for the business world. Lead by a dynamic and flexible management, GoalJet Aviation has become a reliable business-partner, specialised in executive flights, crew changes, ambulance flights, sightseeing- and cargoflights.
GoalJet Aviation's home-base is Budapest (Hungary). Its location, good accessibility and excellent facilities (24 hours operational), combined with GoalJet Aviation's experience, assures a punctual, correct and "on time" performance.
Minimum time-loss and value for money (both equipment-wise and quality-wise) is what every employee strives for in our company!
GoalJet Aviation Ltd. has become highly experienced in dropping skydivers with the Turbolet. We can arrange skydiving-arrangements for large (e.g. foreign) groups.
Excellent dropzone and accomodation at low cost.

Budapest Aircraft services is in the unique position of providing services between Budapest, Per (Gyor) and Tivat (Montenegro). Tivat will become its hub for many years part of its business concept to save travellers time
Budapest Aircraft service
s will start operate on LCC basis product between Budapest, Per (Gyor) and Tivat (Montenegro) this summer.
The flight dates will be on weekends thursday--saturday.
The flights will be operated by a Embraer 120ER. see schedule and tarification...

Aircraft Pilot Training

So you want to be an airline pilot or just to fly?
You’ve been thinking, perhaps since you were a small child, that flying aircrafts, jet airliners is what you’d like to do for your life’s work. You think you would enjoy traveling to many parts of the world, wouldn’t mind the odd hours or days away from home, and would look forward to working with a constantly-changing group of people in new places and different climates. Most of all, you want to be the flies in the upper reaches of the atmosphere near the speed of sound. So check our

forfeit “discover”:
4 theoretical briefings before the flight
4 flights of around 15-20 min,
4 flights debriefings,
Total :300.00 €

Pilot course trial in one day promotion
2 theoretical briefings before the flight
2 flights of around 20-30 min,
2 flights debriefings,
Total :320.00

Both programs are completed by pilots’ professionals. Don’t hesitate, please call or contact us for enrollment.

Ground School Training : more


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